Wednesday, 3 October 2012



We had a blast at Music From Elsewhere at the weekend, despite being woefully underprepared for the freezing conditions by the time we got around to playing. We've now just about recovered from a brilliant and exhausting day. Much love to Lancashire & Somerset for hosting us and our huge contingent of fellow performers, friends and family from Nottingham... as well as the fantastic other acts on the day.

NEXT UP: "LIVE AND LOCAL AT THE LOCK", courtesy of OXJAM - at The Navigation, Nottingham on Friday 12th October. We're hugely flattered to have been asked to play an event aiming to raise £500 towards a library. We'll be playing with a huge host of wide-ranging acts, there will be opportunities to choose the tunes between bands in exchange for a donation to OXJAM, and - most importantly - you'll be able to stuff your face with unfeasibly good food courtesy of the incredible Annie's Burger Shack until 8:30pm. Expect to see our stomachs groaning and a smacked-out look of satisfaction on our faces by the time we take to the stage.

Oxjam event page

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