Thursday, 23 April 2015

WE MADE A MIXTAPE (2015 edition)

The good folk at Gold Flake Paint recently invited us to put together a mix of tracks that influenced the creation of "Zoetrope". We were more than happy to oblige with this, a 13-track, hour-long sweep of stuff that inspired and delighted us during the late months of 2013 and first half of 2014. All 4 members weighed in with different choices and we tried valiantly to crush them all together in a semi-coherent mix. 

Dig in and enjoy at your leisure below, or read more about it all here:

Monday, 20 April 2015

“0891 50 50 50″ IS OUT NOW!

Hola! We spent last week on a cracking tour of the North of England, rounded off by an incredibly sold out and raucous "Zoetrope" LP launch party at the Chameleon Arts Cafe in Nottingham. Huge thanks to everyone involved in putting us on, playing with us, putting us up and to everyone who came and saw us. We had a brilliant time and are already looking forward to our gigs in May and June.

HOWEVER. Before then, we have released a new digital single from the album, in the form of our set-closing banger "0891 50 50 50", backed by a fantastic Larry Crywater remix and a special radio edit for DJing types. You can stream and download it from the usual outlets, or buy it directly from Hello Thor for cheaper using this link:
Our good friends and launch party supports Blunt Mountains have also put together a crisp-threatening video for us. Check it here: 

 “Live favourite 0891 50 50 50 is riddled with wave upon wave of blinking samples, intricate synth lines and a happy hard-core beat. It is the sound of mid period New Order downing a strawberry milkshake on a very hot day. It’s bloody fantastic." - God Is In The TV
“...(a masterclass) in how to take recognisable sexy-synth-pop tropes, mix them with a twisty/turny, left field sense of adventurism and create something that is splendidly unique.” - Louder Than War
"0891 50 50 50 offers a thrilling excursion into early eighties hi-NRG and electro-funk, slapping a Bobby Orlando donk under Patrick Cowley synths..." - LeftLion

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Woah! Check us out. Here are 4 tracks from our last-ever set as a power trio, filmed and recorded by the smashing guys behind Super Smash Hit Records in Travelling Man Comics Shop, Manchester last November. We also wrote some verbiage about influences, inspirations and practicalities of playing electronic music live to go along with the videos for Glasswerk here:

The gig itself was another cracker courtesy of the peerless Bad Uncle, and also featured our fine friends Cowtown ripping up everything in sight. Check it:


Is this a good time to remind you that we've got a short tour coming up next week? Because it feels like a good time to remind you that we've got a short tour coming up next week. Details:

15.04.15 | Kazimier Gardens, Liverpool | w/ Monster Killed By Laser & Gurgles
16.04.15 | Caroline Street Social Club, Saltaire | w/ Monster Killed By Laser & Gurgles
17.04.15 | The Eagle Inn, Salford | w/ Monster Killed By Laser, Barringtone & Hot Shorts
18.04.15 | "ZOETROPE" launch show @ Chameleon, Nottingham | w/ Galaxians & blunt mountains

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


In a spot of inspired Hello Thor-centric activity, the good people at LeftLion persuaded our good friend James Finlay of the mighty Fists and Grey Hairs to interview our synthmaster-in-chief (and misspell his surname in the byline) t'other day.

If you're a Nottingham local, you can pick up a copy from any number of quality stockists and enjoy the full sensory experience of physical paper and marvelling at the ingenious recycling of fourbeatwalk's beautiful design work from the poster advertising our 'Splish' 12" launch gig in 2013:

Otherwise, you can just read the words on a webpage. Check out Simmo's thoughts on getting old and playing pop music here alongside a 100% true story about the worst gig we've ever played here:

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Hot off the press, enjoy this beautiful video for 'Labour & Love' by luma.launisch. Huge thanks to Astrid for this!