Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Greetings dear friends and acquaintances,

Did you come to our tour with the incredible Galaxians?  If not, you missed out on 5 nights of ENDLESS BOOGIE and BUSINESS FUNK. Seriously, they were mind-blowing every night and it was probably our favourite run of shows OF ALL TIME. Matt and Jed are fantastic folk and we enjoyed their company as much as their unbelievable chops and jaw-dropping songs. Huge thanks too to everyone who put us on, put us up and generally ate and got drunk with us - you are too numerous to mention by name, but you are extremely dear to our hearts. We all had an awful lot of fun and are now paying for too many consecutive nights of fun by being generally knackered, ill and run down.

BUT NO MATTER! For here is an exclusive set of FREE remixes of tracks from this summer's Teapot EP. And these aren't just any old remixes knocked out by hacks in exchange for grimy money; these are by some extremely talented and special friends; Apalusa, Forever Sound and Moscow Youth Cult. Check 'em out and download to your heart's content:

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