Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Tomorrow, Cantaloupe will be venturing in to the Heart Of Darkness for the first time.

We're recording at Nottingham's Electric Mayhem Studio. We're only doing a one day session and we're only laying down some drum parts, but we'll still probably somehow manage to get cabin fever, have a nervous breakdown, develop a drug dependency, split up, reform again, and finish the day by finding Jesus.

The bonkers thing is that it's free. Electric Mayhem is managed by Degree students at Confetti College. And contrary to any preconceptions you might have, it's a damn professional outfit equipped with the kind of gear that can only be described as both "shit" and "hot". Hi, Neve VR 60 Mk3 Mixing Desk! Mmmmmm.

Keep your ears to the ground, as we understand that students at Confetti are often looking for artists to record.

Now here's a little video for you in honour of the original Electric Mayhem:

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