Thursday, 12 January 2012

HELLO 2012


Hope 2012 is proving full of awesome for you so far. We're feeling pretty good about it: we're working on an EP that will likely be released in late Spring/early Summer (more on this later); we're lining up a June tour to promote this release; and we've got a couple of shows in the works between now and then.

We're delighted to announce that our first show of 2012 will be on Tuesday 20th March  at The Bodega Social Club with Thrill Jockey's White Hills.

The tour is being promoted by the actually rather good The Quietus, who have this to say on the subject of White Hills:

“White Hills are a cosmic power trio who have blasted off so far into the unfathomable void of space that only the Hubble Deep Field telescope on its loosest setting can pick up sight of them. The core of the group is powerhouse bassist Ego Sensation and live wire guitarist singer Dave W and they have pushed their warm, overdriven sound into straddling the Mudhoney/ Hawkwind divide like a mighty colossus. With a flying V. And a kamikaze pilot headband. They are no strangers to the Protestant work ethic finding time to release at least three albums per year as well as guesting on and producing other bands’ albums, not mentioning Dave’s Freshly Fucked side project and glorious split albums with Mancunian heavy riffnologists GNOD. We had a recent reminder of just how powerful the group are during a typically peerless live set at Supersonic last October. One small step for man, one giant bong-loaded, wah-wah addled, pulsar destroying guitar chord for mankind.
We’re therefore very excited and honoured to be able to tell you that White Hills will be celebrating the release of their new Thrill Jockey album Frying On This Rock with a European tour to which we are encouraging you all to go, ALL HAIL WHITE HILLS!”
The show is being promoted by our friend The Music Exchange. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, The Music Exchange is a bloody brilliant idea. not only do they sell excellent records, but they do it to support Framework, a homelessness charity doing essential work with the homeless and vulnerable in the community.

Tickets are £6, and you can find the Facebook event here. See you there!

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