Wednesday, 14 December 2011

PIP PIP, 2011

What ho!

Our last show of the year is at The Old Bell in Derby this Friday. Generally spiffing chaps Buttonpusher shall be our gracious hosts, and we shall be sharing a stage with Southern Records' Action Beat and Derby's finest, Cheap Jazz:

Come along and say hello!

This'll be our last show for a little while, as we're planning on taking the first quarter of 2012 off from playing live shows. We'll be spending three months working alongside Brian Eno on hot new reality TV show "I'm A Celebrity - Get Some Kraut In Here!". The series follows Olly Murs as he attempts to audaciously rebrand his image using electronic ambient pioneers Cluster as his musical template. We're providing arrangements and style advice.

Actually, we'll be writing new songs and recording old ones for an EP to be released in the Spring. Exciting stuff! Watch this space'n'all that.

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