Sunday, 4 December 2011



Yesterday we played in the West End Shopping Arcade, Nottingham as part of Hello Thor's takeover of the excellent enterprise The Music Exchange. Our good friend Rich Dundas of obtuse cinema renegades Kneel Before Zod filmed the first two songs of our three song set:

It was a bonkers experience, but a very worthwhile one. We thoroughly enjoyed collectively confusing so many ordinary members of the public, and watching the reactions of baffled shoppers slinking past our amplifiers provided a constant source of mirth. Highlights from the above video include Aaron dropping his sticks twice in the space of about ten seconds; an angry old woman; and two Community Support Officers whose appearance momentarily convinced us that we were going to be shut down by THE LAW, but who instead walked on by as if nothing was happening.

A complaint from a neighbouring business meant we could only play for 15 minutes, but they had attempted to impose a 10 minute curfew and we played 5 minutes longer than that, so GUESS WHAT, WE STILL STUCK IT TO THE MAN, HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES.

Thank you to Anders and Nick from Hello Thor, Joey and everybody at The Music Exchange, and to Rich for capturing evidence of this bizarre event on film!

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