Friday, 5 July 2013


Ok fellas, here's the skinny on our next gig:

Good grief! We're delighted to be welcoming back to Nottingham one of our favourite bands:

MARVIN are Emilie, Greg and Fred from Montpellier, France, combining drums, analogue synths, guitars and vocoders. Think Trans Am, Golden, Led Zep, Devo. Part stadium rock, part synth pop, part MAD PARTY VIBEZ. They have been playing 200+ shows a year for the last 5 years all over the world (China?! The Caribbean?!) and it's super exciting to finally have them back in Nottingham.

More synth/guitar/drums action from Nottingham's fourth best, second laziest but first sexiest band. Fresh back from the kind of European tour that gives a man a permanent thousand yard stare, be prepared for tight tropico-sympa grooves and a slightly unsettling air of psychosis.


Nottingham's hotte$t new band. Transcendental repeato-riffs and primal boogie for fans of all things cyclical.

Tickets will be £5 on the door. This will be part of Chameleon's grand reopening, after they will have been closed to redecorate for all of 11 days! Nick's got a late licence all weekend and there'll be DJs until 3am. Cripes!

See you there xx


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