Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Dave finally snaps after Simmo smuggles battery-powered keyboard in to tour van

A MINIATOUR (mini-uh-tawr) (n.) (not to be confused with a minotaur, as pictured above) is the kind of tour that is undertaken a band featuring three overworked 30-something office functionaries with limited holiday entitlement . It lasts for four! whole! dates! and isn't even sequential any more.

Yet despite its diminutive stature, it's still a bloody good thing, and we are tickled pink to be engaging in such a venture - especially in such stellar company. We'll be playing four shows with our esteemed comrades and highly regarded members of the IAOWB (International Association of One-Off Wedding Bands) PAPIER TIGRE, all the way from Nantes, France. And a further three with Scotch guitar thaumaturge RM HUBBERT.

Dates are as follows - if you are one of the approximately 17% of the population that live either in London, Nottingham, Manchester or Derby you've really no excuse not to be there.

03 May | The Old Blue Last | London (w/ Papier Tigre)
04 May | Chameleon | Nottingham (w/ Papier Tigre and RM Hubbert)
05 May | Night & Day Café | Manchester (w/ Papier Tigre and RM Hubbert)
12 May | Holy Smokes Festival | The Salt Mill, Derby (w/ Papier Tigre and RM Hubbert)

To get you all aquiver with excitation, here are some fine videos or our touring partners:

See you there!

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