Monday, 16 March 2015


Wahey! It's album release time!

You can now buy our debut album "Zoetrope" from all good record shops in the UK. Or you can get it direct from Hello Thor Records here: 

We've already had some early and very kind reviews:

Louder Than War - "Even in quarter one of 2015, it’s clear that Zoetrope is going to be one of the albums of the year, so If you want some life-affirming, full throttle throbbing synth madness in your life too, you need to get on the Cantaloupe bus ASAP. Trust me, you’d be mad not to."

Colourhorizon - " album that is resolutely life affirming. Zoetrope could well be the party album of 2015."

Monolith Cocktail - "A most enjoyable pop-lit excursion through the kosmiche, taking in the industrial North’s steely resonation from the electric 80s, whilst popping off to take-in the post-rock locations that spawned such interesting, off-kilter explorers as Tortoise, Holy Fuck and Battles, and flirting with Afrobeat vibes."


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