Friday, 23 January 2015


Aye up,

It's the beginning stages of 2015, which means that it's also the beginning stages of the launch of our debut LP. You know, the one we basically spent the entirety of 2014 working on? Well, it's called "Zoetrope" and will be out on Hello Thor in March! More details will be forthcoming in due course, but most will be on our Facebook page and Twitter feed; we're planning a total overhaul of the blog this year so will only be providing minimal updates. So go to those places instead.

A few tidbits to tide you over in the meantime...

Gideon Coe and Tom Ravenscroft have been playing a couple of tracks from the album on BBC Radio 6Music, which has been extremely pleasing. Amazing Radio, in particular the excellent Dani Charlton, have showcased the album and posted some songs that you can stream here:

To coincide with the album's launch, we're currently in the process of planning a string of live dates from April onwards, starting with a short northern tour after Easter and then basically doing loads of weekenders whenever we can. More information on our Shows page. If you're interested in booking us to play, why not drop us a line?

Lastly, we're very pleased to make AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: as of 2015, we have expanded to a quartet. Our super-talented friend Eleanor Lee, who provides vocals on a couple of songs on the album, has joined us on a permanent basis on vocals/synth no. 3.

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