Sunday, 31 March 2013


Aye up,

We finished the Splish/Wet Dog 12" the other day. Ultimate satisfaction was achieved and the audio is currently being pressed to hot dripping black wax as we type. Wait 'til you hear the Wax Stag remix, it's a scorcher. We'll get some things online for your streaming pleasure a little closer to the launch date; until then you'll just have to wait...

IN THE MEANTIME, we have been busily pulling together plans to hire ourselves a van and undertake our first ever European Tour in May! Yus, that's right: what better thing to do than to pile yourself into a small vehicle with your closest friends and far too much heavy equipment and proceed to drive 4,000 miles across six countries in ten days? Odds are that we will lose our minds somewhere around the halfway mark and inexplicably kill each other, but we intend to counter the effects of BEING ON THE ROAD by investing in high-quality BOOZE, which will be used to numb our senses, fill up any remaining space in the van and inevitably guarantee a strip-search at the Swiss border. That's just how we roll.

These are the dates to commit to memory. There will be a test (and probably more detail about venues, promoters and door tax) in April:

24.05.13 | Brussels, Belgium
25.05.13 | Luxembourg
26.05.13 | Offenbach, Germany
27.05.13 | Zurich, Switzerland
28.05.13 | Orléans, France
29.05.13 | Montpellier, France 
30.05.13 | Bordeaux, France
31.05.13 | Nantes, France
01.06.13 | Rouen, France

Excited? You bet we are!

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